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12 Years of Experience

Rainbow Center.

The uniqueness of the building contributes as a
new landmark of the urban district.

Rainbow Center

We already have a showcase of high-class residential building in the city center of Tirana, capital of Albania and it starting the construction of the Rainbow Center – an iconic commercial building right in the heart of the most popular district of Tirana

All projects are selected with great care in terms of the attractiveness, location and the possibility of unique realization. Trust and uncompromised quality represent core values of the company  making the organization a partner that is to be trusted.

Rainbow Center will be in the shape of a cube, with a square ground floor plan measuring approximately 30 metres by 30 metres. The first two floors of the 1,116-square-metre building will contain a shopping centre, followed by 5 floors of offices.

A roof garden restaurant will occupy the top of the building.

Project: Stefano Boeri Architetti
Location: Tirana, Albania
Year: 2017 – in corso
Customer: INVEST SOCIETY shpk
Consulents: SCE Project, E.S.A. engineering, Albana Kocollari (ANK ARCHITECTS), ing. Helidon Kokona, ing Llambi Karamani (Xhenlux), ing, Petrit Hoxhaj

Project area
1.116,80 mq
6.052 mq

+355 68 215 5110