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About Invest Society

Impressive architectural statements that
stand for the luxury of the city.

About Invest Society

Invest Society was established with the purpose of creating new, luxury lifestyle and making a new, impressive, impactful architectural statement in Albania. Founded by the leading business people from different industries, the company offers mix of innovativeness and traditions in every building that it constructs. At present, the company already has a showcase of high-class residential building in the city center of Tirana, capital of Albania and it starting the construction of the Rainbow Center – an iconic commercial building right in the heart of the most popular district of Tirana.

All projects are selected with great care in terms of the attractiveness, location and the possibility of unique realization.

The resulting effect is that of a vibrant and iridescent surface, a pattern of aluminum triangles playing with the sunlight to create reflections in different nuances of color.

Stefano Boeri

Our Timeline

Green Terrace
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Rainbow Center
Rainbow Center started on 2018. It is a multifunctional center located in Blloku area

Book Building
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West Residence

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