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By Stefano Boeri

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New multifunctional center signed by Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stefano Boeri has unveiled plans to build a multi-functional complex in tirana, the capital of Albania. the ‘blloku cube’, which is boeri’s first building in the city, will contain a range of functions, with retail outlets at ground level, five storeys of offices, and a roof garden restaurant on the top floor. the project is defined by its cladding, which not only gives the building a sense of identity, but also helps with the structure’s thermal efficiency.

The Construction

The double skin system consists of a curtain wall, an uninterrupted glass façade that provides adequate insulation, and an outer skin made from anodized aluminum. this shielding system comprises 110 centimeter square modules, which only obscure the light for half of their surface owing to the presence of three dimensional triangles welded inside

The project is defined by its distinctive cladding.

‘The resulting effect is that of a vibrant and iridescent surface, a pattern of aluminum triangles playing with the sunlight to create reflections in different nuances of color,’ explains stefano boeri. each of the tiny metal sails making up the façade is oriented in a different direction in order to filter sunlight and provide an optimal natural lighting.

Project Info
Name Blloku cube
Project by Stefano Boeri Architetti
Location Tirana, Albania
Year 2017 – ongoing
Consultants SCE project, E.S.A. engineering, Albana Kocollari (ANK architects), engr. Helidon Kokona, engr. Llambi Karamani (xhenlux), engr. Petrit Hoxhaj.
Project Area 1,116.80 sqm; GLA: 6,052 sqm
Services Concept design, preliminary project, final and executive project, art direction